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About Linda

The nose of the plane dipped suddenly and I started hurtling towards the ground. I was out of control and there was nothing I could do.

I knew I was going to crash.

The “ultralight” contraption was built from a kit with a lawnmower engine to propel it through the air. A friend had invited me to take flying lessons from a man who had advertised “buy one lesson, get one free.” I was the free.

Surely that should have been a sign! But if it was, I ignored it.

The Podcast

Welcome to Passions and Passports, the Freedom Lifestyle Podcast. Listen in as we explore the myriad of ways to turn your passions into a heart-centered, money-making, dream-fueled vessel.

Live life on your terms! Build a business around your core values. Hit the road whenever your heart desires. Get paid to travel.

Join us every Monday as women just like you share their secrets for creating a joyful, location-independent lifestyle. If you are ready to dream big, live bold and travel often, this show is for you!

Our Retreats

These exotic and inspiring journeys are designed to enlighten you, challenge you and introduce you to the many wonders of this big blue planet.

The retreats introduce you to my life-changing coaching program, Fearless Freedom Forever. Not only will you have an extraordinary travel experience, you will gain valuable knowledge that will propel you toward the life of your dreams.

Belize-It Bravery Masterminds are for those who want to strengthen their “bravery muscles” and dig deeper into the transformation process. Join me if you’re ready to revolutionize your life!

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