I am thrilled you are here! I have a lot to tell you about my recent trip to Bali. Not only was it gorgeous, it was life-changing for the retreat participants. I witnessed so many “aha” moments!

One of those moments came when I shared the story of The Fisherman and the Frying Pan so I’d like to share it with you as well.

“A young fisherman decides to go to a great stream he’s heard a lot about and been wanting to go to for a long time. When he finally arrives, he sets up his gear and tosses his line in the water.

While he waits for a bite, he notices an old man not far downstream who’s catching one fish after another. Each time the old fisherman catches a fish, he unhooks it and holds it up to a broken-off ruler that’s laying at the edge of the river bank.

If the fish is larger than the ruler, he tosses it back in the stream. However, if the fish is smaller than the broken-off ruler, the old man tosses it in his bucket.

The young fisherman is watching this and wondering why the old man throws all the big fish back but keeps the little ones. Are the big fish boney or tough? He wondered what the heck was going on!

So he goes downstream and asks the old guy “Could you please tell me why you throw the big fish back and only keep the little ones?” Do they get boney when they get big or something?”

The old fisherman looks at him and says “Sonny, do you see that broken-off ruler over there on the edge of the stream?”

The younger man says “Yeah, I see it.”

The old guy continues, “I measure every fish I catch by that broken-off ruler because that ruler is the exact same size as the frying pan I use to cook ’em!”

Now you might laugh at any fisherman who would think that way, but unconsciously, we all do that at times.

The stream of life tosses us a big fish. It might be an idea or a possibility or even a big dream. But we measure it by the size of our current frying pan.

We might tell ourselves that we don’t have the education, or the money, or that we’re too old, or we just don’t have the right contacts to make that “thing” happen.

We decide that our frying pan can’t possibly hold that dream.

Unconsciously we throw that fish, that idea, that dream, back into the stream of life and we say, “Just give me a fish that fits my frying pan. Give me an idea that takes just a little bit of rearrangement of the life I have now. Give me a dream that I know is possible based on my current circumstances.”

Sound familiar?

The women on my retreat thought so too. That was such a big “aha” moment for most of them. It was amazing to watch them dream bigger once they were given permission to do so. They started dreaming WAY bigger that they ever thought was possible!

But first they had to open their minds to the idea that anything they could imagine is possible. Anything!

Have you been cooking with a teeny, tiny frying pan? If so, isn’t it time to toss it out and get a new, much bigger one?

I’d like to give you permission to dream big and imagine what your life would look like in 3 years if nothing stood in your way.

What would you dream up if time, money, education, age, gender or experiences weren’t even a factor? What would you do for a living? Where would you live? Would you travel more? Finally write that book?

Your life is only limited by the size of your imagination. Go ahead and toss that old frying pan. You never know what you might catch!


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